Boston Chapter

We're launching in Boston, Massachusetts, USA!

What is Muslamic Makers?

Muslamic Makers is a community of Muslim Changemakers helping Muslims level up across the tech industry and beyond. Muslamic Makers started life as a monthly meetup in 2016 in London which gave Muslims a safe space to share ideas, network and collaborate. It is now a bustling community with over 1500 members and we’re very excited that two of them are bringing the Muslamic Makers mission and vibes to Boston in partnership with the Islamic Society of Boston Community Center. This is our first chapter in America!

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Ali Rehmatullah

Ali is a self-taught software engineer in the healthcare technology space, with an increasingly keen interest in Islamic Psychology. He is also the ex-co-host of two software engineering meetups in NY, one of which is still going strong. He is also the host of Building with Barakah, a podcast where he gets to talk to founders in the Muslim community, hear their stories, and learn what it takes to build institutions for the ummah that will endure for generations bi fadlillah. He is Someone with far too many books, and far too little time to read them. May Allah forgive him. 

Anas Abou Allaban