5 Year Impact Report: 2016-2021

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5 Years In The Making

Foreword by Arfah Farooq – Co-Founder and CEO of Muslamic Makers

Back in 2016 Murtaza Abidi connected with myself over Twitter, sharing concerns over the lack of representation in the technology scene. Our ideas about the need for a Muslim tech meetup coincided and together we founded Muslamic Makers. Muslamic Makers started life as a monthly meetup which gave Muslims a safe space to share ideas, network and collaborate. With poor representation across many sectors, our focus quickly turned towards addressing the shortage of minority groups leading the way across a range of industries.

Early on, we realised the need for relevant role models too, after talking to muslims who were experiencing a lack of inclusion and acceptance in the workplace. It became part of our mission to break down barriers such as traditional upbringing, lack of opportunity, education or resources and empower like-minded Muslims to build their creative confidence together, owning their work spaces and paving the way.

As we have grown we have realised the importance of allyship and are grateful to have worked with a diverse range of tech companies. It was important to expose the community to companies they didn’t know existed, helping them feel welcome, bridging networks and allowing connections to take place.

We’re excited to present this 5 year report. Data for this impact report has been collected from various data sources from feedback forms, slack data and a recent survey we ran about our impact with a cross-section of our community.

Muslamic Makers was built for the community by the community and we have been blessed with true organic growth over the last five years, attracting a whole host of volunteers who have played a massive part in our journey, this has all happened part time while having day jobs. As we enter our next phase, we want to take a look back and have produced this impact report which covers how we have diversified the tech scene, built industry-wide partnerships, hosted over 30 events and built a 700+ talented community on Slack which has attracted global engagement.

This is only the beginning, and we believe the future is what we make it.  

A Snap Shot of Our Community

Since joining
Muslamic Makers,
Our community have….

0 %
Gained a supportive community
0 %
Gained knowledge by being part of the community
0 %
Grown their professional Network
0 %
Met people to collaborate with
0 %
Feel more confident in their identity as Muslim
0 %
Helped others through advice on careers or startups
0 %
Introduced to others and/or been provided hiring opportunities
0 %
Have took part in formal mentoring or coaching either as mentors or mentees through Muslamic Makers
0 %
Have engaged as a speaker, organiser or volunteer
0 %
Feel more confident in the workplace

Data for this impact report has been collected from various sources including feedback forms, slack data and a recent survey with a cross-section of our community

What We’ve Been Up To:

0 +
0 +
0 %
walked away from a Muslamic Makers event inspired
0 %
of members attended more than 1 event
Four month career development programme
Panel events on various topics from startup funding, tech for good, podcasting, fintech
Community Lightning Talks
Inspiring Career Journey Events
In-Conversation with Founders
CV Workshops
0 +
Countless Connections

“It’s been really nice to be around people who understand your religious need but also the need to network in a safe way - without old barriers/stigma attached to it”

Our Experience

We’ve spoken at the events, worked with technology companies and been featured in the media advocating for inclusive spaces for Muslims

Worked with

Featured in

Case Studies

What’s Next?

We’ve had an incredible 5 years.

Muslamic Makers have made a huge difference to the technology scene: encouraging inclusiveness and contributing to the growing confidence within the community. It’s led to a vast array of cross-industry collaborations, job opportunities and friendships.

This is just the beginning.

We’re excited about what comes next!

We’ve got bold plans for 2021 and beyond.

Post pandemic we’ll be operating a hybrid model. Our in-person events will expand beyond London, to around the UK and the rest of the world. Our digital programs and events shall continue and grow too.

We’re always looking for sponsors and partners to help support and sustain our work. Together we can scale our impact and contribute to a more inclusive world where talent is used to create great companies that solve real problems.

If you’re keen to get involved or support us then please get in touch at: