Pathway to Product

Our Introduction to Product Management Course

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We’re excited to be running our second Pathway to Product Course. 

This is a 6 week course which is a high level, whistle stop tour of the key principles and areas that fall under the product discipline, focusing on product management.
Once the course is over, you should:
  • have a better understanding of what product management involves
  • come away with product skills you can use everyday in your current job
  • be closer to understanding whether you want to work in product and how to get there
Starting on 19th September to 24th October. Once a week on a MONDAY from 6.30pm to 8.30pm on Zoom.

More about the Course


You will learn about:

  • what product management is
  • what is involved in the day to day role of a product manager
  • Influencing, pitching and building a product mindset
  • setting the vision for a product
  • creating backlogs and agile methodologies
  • prioritisation frameworks
  • how to launch your product career


Practical exercises

  • Build and pitch a product case study with what you have learned
  • Extra support material available which includes case studies and exercises
  • learn from product managers who have over 10 years combined experience, supporting you throughout the course in session and on slack.
  • join a fireside chat with expert product managers. 


Learn collectively as a community 

  • as you will be part of a cohort we will host a private space in our online Slack community for you to discuss the course material, ask questions and collaborate.

About your Trainers

Yasmin Sidat - Senior Product Lead Auto Trader UK

Yasmin Sidat is a Product professional who has worked for over 9 years across Startups, Big Tech brands & consultancy including building many of her own product ventures. Yasmin is passionate about supporting underrepresented individuals in tech and those who want to transition to tech from non-tech backgrounds. She also wants to ensure there are more pioneers from diverse backgrounds working in product and technology. Yasmin also delivers community tech events in Manchester/NW

Adil Hussain - Product Manager at Department for Education

Adil is a product manager working in the public sector building impactful user-centred products across many government departments. Outside of work, his ventures include being a product lead for a social assistance platform as well as career mentoring and consulting. Past experiences also include co-founding successful web development and marketing companies.

Adil is passionate about supporting underrepresented people wanting to get into tech especially product and giving back to the community through meaningful guidance and work

How to secure your Place

Just click on the link below and you can either secure your space with an early bird discount of just £100 for our 6 week course. This works out as less than £20 per session to be taught by product management experts in our community.

The early bird discount however is for a limited amount of spaces (after that it will be £150 for career changers and entrepreneurs and £120 for students).

We understand that not everyone is in a position to pay, with this in mind we have free spaces. To apply for a free space you will need to meet the criteria and answer some questions.  Just follow the same link below and select funded space to apply.

  1. What interests you about product management?
  2. Do you work on anything outside of work / do you have any side projects?
  3. What’s your favourite product and why?
  • Long term unemployed of over 3 months
  • Earning less than £15k per year
  • A carer for someone in your family
  • A single mother or father
  • Currently on Maternity leave

You will need to meet one of the above criteria and be living currently in the UK. Paid spaces are open for anyone around the world.

Testimonials from a Previous Pathway to Product Graduates

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