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Have you engaged with Muslamic Makers?

– Attended an event virtual or in-person

– Engaged with our various programmes- fellowship / kickstarter / scholarships / courses etc

– Benefitted from our Slack community 

Or maybe you just want to support people to do this. Make a meaningful difference in the lives of Muslim changemakers and join our supporters club for just £5 a month. This helps support the work we and allows you to be part of our mission to deliver impactful work.

In the last 8 years we have…

  • Hosted over 70+ free events
  • Had over 5000 people attend our events
  • Hosted over 100 speakers at our events
  • Initially funded local chapters outside of London including Manchester, Boston (America) and Toronto (Canada)
  • Built a free community of over 2000 professionals in tech and beyond
  • Awarded 10 scholarships for people to train as developers and designers worth over £50,000
  • Helped founders with connections to VCs and Investors (leading to over £15 million+ raised across startups in our community)
  • Helped over 50 people start their journey into product
  • Kickstarted 20 people’s journey into data careers
  • Delivered over 300+ hours of personal coaching and mentoring through our Kickstarter programme
  • Countless friendships, businesses launched and lives changed
  • Delivered the historical Muslim Tech fest. Sold out the Royal Institution in London with over 400 attendees. 

What impact your support will have

Your early commitment will help us secure the resources to deliver on the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received at May’s event.

We embarked on this journey in 2016, recognizing the challenges faced by Muslims in finding inclusion and acceptance in the professional world. We understood the importance of providing role models and breaking down barriers to empower our community.

Over the past eight years, our dedicated team of volunteers has tirelessly delivered educational and networking opportunities to uplift our community members.

While our primary focus is to keep our events and programs free and accessible to all, we must recognise sustaining this level of impact on a global scale costs money.

As we scale our impact beyond London into chapters like Boston, Manchester and Toronto we would like to have you join our effort of bringing Muslim safe spaces and representation to our communities all over the world. 

Your contributions will help us organise both physical and digital events, reaching and benefiting the largest number of individuals across our different chapters including London, Manchester, Boston – America and Toronto, Canada, with others in the pipeline)


What you get:

  • Quarterly Updates: Stay informed about our progress, achievements, and upcoming initiatives through exclusive quarterly updates. Gain insight into the positive changes we’re making in the tech industry.


  • Access to special Supporter Member tickets. Our events always sell out so we will reserve limited tickets for our supporters.


  • Active Allyship: By joining the Supporters Club, you actively contribute to creating a more inclusive and accepting workplace for Muslims. Your support helps us address the lack of representation and opportunities faced by the Muslim community, empowering them to become confident leaders across various industries.


  • Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities: If you represent a company interested in supporting our mission, we offer corporate sponsorship packages. Check out our corporate sponsor page to explore how your organization can get involved and make a meaningful impact.


You can also support in other ways

We appreciate that financial contributions may not be feasible for everyone, and we value support in all its forms.

If you are unable to contribute financially, we welcome you to join our volunteer pool, amplify our work through your networks, or connect us with individuals who share our vision or introduce us to your company through our corporate sponsorship.

On behalf of the Muslamic Makers team, we express our heartfelt gratitude for your support and encouragement thus far. Together, we will create a more inclusive and diverse tech industry that benefits us all.