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Salaam and Hey,

Welcome to our supporters club here at Muslamic Makers. We are a community of Muslim changemakers who upskill and pioneer the world of tech. Joining the Supporters Club for just £5 a month helps support the work we do and in return you’ll receive:

  • Quarterly updates on our work so far.
  • Invites to pre-planned, exclusive events. 
  • Become an active ally in supporting our work. 

If you’re keen for your company to get involved then please check out our corporate sponsor page. 

Why we do what we do:

Back in 2016, we realised Muslims were experiencing a lack of inclusion and acceptance in the workplace. We identified the need for role models to address this issue. With poor representation across many sectors, we focused on addressing the shortage of minority groups leading the way across a range of industries. We went on to break down barriers such as lack of opportunities, knowledge and resources, empowering like-minded Muslims to build their confidence together, owning their work spaces and creatively paving a path.  

We’re a small team of volunteers who’ve worked tirelessly over the last 5 years to deliver educational and networking opportunities to our community. You can read more about our achievements in our 5 year impact report. 

We’d like to keep our events and programmes as accessible as possible which means most of what is available, is for free. As such, we’re committed to creating a non-tiered system for our communities, in order to continue empowering all muslims in their professional careers. 

Post-pandemic, we’ll be operating a hybrid model. We’ll retain our digital programs that we pivoted to during the pandemic, but we’ll also return to in person events too.

Our in-person events will expand beyond London, to around the UK and the rest of the world. Our digital programs and events will continue growing.

Your financial support will help us put on physical and digital events and make them accessible to the largest number of people. Your support will also assist in funding travel for people to access our in person events.

We also appreciate that not everyone is able to contribute financially in supporting our mission. We recognise support in all its forms, including offering your skills by joining our volunteer pool, amplifying our work and helping with introductions to people who want to work with us. 

On behalf of our Muslamic Makers team, we thank you for all the support and encouragement so far.

Arfah Farooq 

Co-founder and CEO