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Have you connected with Muslamic Makers?

  • Participated in any of our events, either online or in person?
  • Engaged with our diverse programs, including fellowships, kickstarters, scholarships, or courses?
  • Benefited from our thriving Slack community?

Or perhaps you’re keen to support others in these enriching experiences. Make a lasting impact on Muslim changemakers by joining our Supporters Club for just £5 a month. Your contribution is vital in supporting our work and ensures you’re part of our mission to make a significant impact.

Over the past 8 years, Muslamic Makers has reached significant milestones and fostered a vibrant community that continues to grow and impact the tech industry:

  • 40% of our members are actively engaged in side projects, fostering a culture of innovation.
  • 75% of our founders have created new job opportunities, contributing to economic growth.
  • 64% of our entrepreneurs participated in incubators or accelerators, with 29% gaining investor introductions through us.
  • Enabled startups in our network to raise a total of £272 million, highlighting our community’s innovation.
  • Hosted over 100 free events, attracting more than 5,000 attendees for networking and learning.
  • Featured insights from over 100 industry-leading speakers at our events.
  • Expanded globally with chapters in Manchester, Boston, and Toronto, enhancing our reach.
  • Grew our community to over 3,000 professionals dedicated to innovation and inclusivity.
  • Awarded 10 scholarships worth over £50,000 for tech training and upskilling.
  • Helped over 50 people start their journey into product and Kickstarted 20 people’s journey into data careers
  • Provided over 300 hours of personal coaching and mentoring through our Kickstarter program.
  • Delivered the historical Muslim Tech fest. Sold out the Royal Institution in London with over 400 attendees. 

Our efforts have led to countless friendships, business launches, and transformative experiences. 

What Impact your Support will have – 

Your early commitment will empower us to leverage the positive feedback from our recent events. 

Our goal has always been to provide role models, break down barriers, and ensure inclusivity for Muslims in the professional sphere.

Despite our global expansion and the increasing costs associated with organising high-quality events and programs, we strive to keep them free and accessible. Your contributions will enable us to host impactful events both online and in-person, reaching more individuals across our chapters in London, Manchester, Boston, Toronto and Dubai with more locations on the horizon.

What You Receive:


  • Quarterly Updates: Receive insights into our progress, achievements, and upcoming plans, seeing firsthand the positive change we’re driving in the tech industry.
  • Priority Access to our Community Events
  • Opportunities for recognition in our monthly newsletter
  • An exclusive invitation to our annual Supporters Club gathering.
  • Active Allyship: Joining the Supporters Club means you’re actively contributing to a more inclusive and welcoming environment for Muslims in the workplace, addressing the challenges of underrepresentation and lack of opportunities.

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities:


If you’re representing a company that aligns with our vision, explore our corporate sponsorship options to see how you can contribute to our mission and make a meaningful difference.

Alternative Ways to Support:

We understand that not everyone may be able to contribute financially. Your support is still invaluable, whether through volunteering, spreading the word within your networks, connecting us with like-minded individuals, or introducing us to potential corporate sponsors.

The Muslamic Makers team is immensely grateful for your ongoing support and encouragement. Together, we’re building a more inclusive and diverse tech industry for everyone.