Meet the team


Back in 2016 Murtaza Abidi and Arfah Farooq connected over Twitter, sharing concerns over the lack of representation in the technology scene. Our ideas about the need for a Muslim tech meetup coincided and together we founded Muslamic Makers. Muslamic Makers started life as a monthly meetup which gave Muslims a safe space to share ideas, network and collaborate. With poor representation across many sectors, our focus quickly turned towards addressing the shortage of minority groups leading the way across a range of industries. Be sure to read the 5 year Impact Report to see all we’ve done and achieved so far.


Muslamic Makers management team...

Behind the scenes, the Muslamic Makers management team brings the community together and drive initiatives, keeping the community going. 

Leadership Team

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Arfah drives the team and is the longest standing team member from the day Muslamic Makers was born! Arfah is a life long community builder by day, an Angel investor & community builder by day. You can read her story over on Arfahfarooq.com

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Chief Operating Officer
Arooj looks after all things operations at MM. She is spearheading some exciting projects for the community so feel free to reach out to her to discuss ideas and all things community 🙂 In her spare time she enjoys various hobbies and most recently has taken up golf!

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Communications Executive

Mahum ensures that projects run smoothly at MM. She liaises with our partners to bring exciting events and opportunities to the community.  Mahum also works with the COO to implement ideas and provide logistical support across the organisation.

She is a mum to a lovely young boy and enjoys exploring nature with her family outside of work.

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Programme Manager
Dilruba is a dedicated professional who is passionate about leveraging technology for social good. She is a programme manager at Muslamic Makers. 

In collaboration with the Aziz Foundation, Makers Academy, and Love Circular, Dilruba spearheaded a scholarship campaign that aimed to provide opportunities for underrepresented groups to pursue careers in the tech industry.


London Team



Events Lead
As an events lead, Zahid looks after the events and engagement and advises across other business initiatives. By day, Zahid is a software engineer & also the founder of Halal Joints & Buskana, with a huge aptitude for the food tech industry. Find him over on Twitter:



Annem hosts & supports across Muslamic Makers events and contributes to other projects as needed. By day, Annem is a Azure cloud engineer and enjoys cycling. You can find her over on Twitter: