Digital Careers Kickstarter Programme

Impact Case Study

The Digital Kickstarter is our digital-careers discovery programme, introducing Muslims to the world of tech. There’s a wealth of talent in the Muslim community that remains untapped by the tech industry. We connect these two worlds with the aim of improving the career prospects and the lives of Muslims while giving the tech world access to a fresh pool of talent.

We took 38 people on a four month journey designed to help them discover their digital interests, build experience and gain confidence. We did this using the following tools:

Our program provides a comprehensive introduction to the skills required to succeed in the tech industry, as well as networking opportunities. The programme successfully ran multiple 4-week work experiences with companies such as Muzmatch and IFG, to name a few.

To measure our impact in our first pilot we surveyed our participants’ skills and knowledge at the start and end of the programme and asked them to
rate their current understanding and confidence.

100% of our attendees said they’d recommend the programme, a programme that we delivered 100% online due to the pandemic.

What the programme Included

  • Work experience

  • Action learning sets

  • Training with industry experts

  • Personal coaching and mentoring

  • Welcoming them in to our professional community

  • Introductions to relevant professionals in our network

2020 Programme

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‘The programme has definitely helped me improve and broaden my career options. It prepared me for job applications that I previously wouldn’t have had the confidence to go for. As a result of the Kickstarter programme, I secured a place on an analytics graduate program.
Eeman Shafat
Kickstarter participant
The Muslamic Makers Kickstarter programme had a huge impact on me and helped me to change my career from feeling frustrated in my previous roles to getting a job as a user researcher for the government. I wanted to align my work more to my values and natural strengths and thought user research would be a good fit with my positive psychology degree but it felt like an unattainable goal. The Kickstarter programme helped me to learn what exactly is involved in user research and its context within other areas of digital. I was able to bring this into my interview and also use the example of the user research task to demonstrate my experience and knowledge of the area. One of the biggest impacts was my digital coach on the programme who was very generous in sharing her knowledge and encouraging me to apply to user research roles, instilling confidence in my abilities. Had it not been for this experience, I would not have applied, got to interview and secured the role. I’m extremely grateful for this experience - all the people I have met and who encouraged me, the workshops and the learning I was able to apply, all of which has helped me to change career and achieve my goal during the pandemic when things have been economically tough.
picture of Sumaera Hasan
Sumaera Hasan
Kickstarter participant​
I’ve really enjoyed the program, I enjoy the fact that we’re able to get an insight into so many different aspects of the tech industry. As someone who is more geared towards the technical side of tech I have enjoyed getting an experience of something different.
picture of Samatar Xasan
Samatar Xasan
Kickstarter participant​​

Sponsor the Programme

We’re really proud of the success of this programme and are keen to run another cohort depending on funding.

If you would like to explore then get in touch  arfah@muslamicmakers.com