Welcome to the Muslamic Makers Blog

Are we ready for the new Muslamic Makers blog?

From everyone at the Muslamic Makers team we invite you to share our new journey to kickstart our inspiring Muslamic Makers community blog. 

We’re 4 years old and going strong!

Muslamic Makers has now been active for an incredible 4 years. The community started as a meetup back in 2016 and stemmed from the challenges of poor representation in tech & creative spaces. 

Murtaza and I wanted to address these challenges and looked into creating an inclusive, safe space to bring people together. We kept finding that Startup events are typically alcohol, pepperoni pizza and had a lack of diversity. 

Not only did we want to create an environment that wasn’t centered around this, we also wanted to create a community environment where Muslim Makers can share, learn, collaborate and strive in our fields, and ultimately in our faith. 

We believe that people should be confident enough to be unapologetically themselves and in everything they do. As we have progressed over the years, we define our activities based on what our community really needs. Our first event was a great success and we’ve learned many lessons throughout the journey. 

Our community driven initiative

The last few months haven’t been easy, particularly for in-person communities like ourselves. The current global situation around Covid-19 has caused a loss in different opportunities. However as a great reminder:

 “Never does Allah, in His Wisdom, close a door upon a servant, except that He opens, from His Mercy, two other doors.” ~ Ibn al-Qayyim. 

Naturally, it allowed us to explore other avenues and we were already working on becoming Community Driven

As I reflect, I realise not jumping from one event to another has given Muslamic Makers a chance to re-prioritise. We’re now focussed more on nurturing and supporting our online community through virtual check-ins, online skills workshops and creating content on our social media channels. Alhamdullilah, we continue this further with the opportunity to launch this blog!

A talented community

As with all new initiatives, I’m not sure how this blog will go, or how often we’ll post but I wanted to create another way to showcase our talented community, especially while in-person events are paused. 

People in our community are launching incredible apps, working on Covid19 responses and generally just great role models. We want to shout about them and amplify their work. 

We also invite you to contribute! If you’re interested in blogging on our platform then drop me arfah@muslamicmakers.com an email. 

With the grace of Allah, welcome to the blog!