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We recently ran a Tech Scholarship Programme with Aziz Foundation for 4 fully-funded scholarships to join the Love Circular Programme. We had over 100+ Applications and we were really impressed by the calibre of applications which made the decision to pick the final 4 super hard! We’ll be announcing the 4 winners very soon but at Muslamic Makers we were keen that even if you didn’t get the scholarship, we would help where we can to help you continue your journey.

The below are resources we collected and sent to everyone that applied and thought it would be useful to share with you all!

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We have a wonderful community of designers and techies on slack who will be able to guide you so feel free to reach out to the community whenever you need help! To join simply fill in our slack membership form.

We also have free courses and events coming up on the topic of UX/UI which you can benefit from, so do stay in touch & follow us on social media @muslamicmakers!

Love Circular – Muslamic Makers Discount

Love circular – Muslamic Makers Discount!

Love Circular has created an exclusive discount for our community members! If you are able to afford it we definitely encourage you to sign up, they also have payment plans available to split the cost of the bootcamp. 

There are however plenty of free courses on UX/UI design that you can also check out below!

1. Hackdesign

Hackdesign is an easy to follow design course for creative people. The lessons are created by some of the world’s top designers who worked (or work) at companies like Airbnb, Tech Crunch, and TED. By signing up you will receive weekly lessons and get access to design challenges, tools, and other helpful resources.


2. Invision

InVision offers great educational resources and allows you to prototype websites easily. Check out the article below on UX principles to guide your product design.


3. Figma — Learn Design Pilot

Figma offers one of the best design tools out there. They also created free online design content for beginners. The course covers a variety of subjects including design thinking, ethics, accessibility, inclusion, research, and typography.


4. Coursera

Coursera has both paid and free courses. You can enroll and take classes for free if you don’t want to spend $49 for the certificate. The free version gets you full access to videos, reading material, and discussions.


5. Future Learn — Digital Skills: User Experience Course

Among the hundreds of free online courses provided by Future Learn, you’ll find this awesome UX design course created by Accenture. It’s a 3-week course with an estimated effort of 2 hours a week. The course covers the foundations of UX design, tools, and testing.


6. LearnUX.io

LearnUX.io is another amazing website that offers hundreds of hours of free content. There are plenty of helpful product designing contents including the basics, the design workflow, UI design, and prototyping tools.


7. Praxent: UX Design Thinking For Kids!

This recommendation is all the way from Lyndhurst STEM Club for Girls in New Jersey! One of their young members Eliza reached out to us through Lyndhurst’s facility adviser who said: ‘It really helped the girls grasp a basic understanding so we hoped it could do the same for other beginners using your page!’

Thanks for the awesome recommendation Eliza, we look forward to following your career journey!


Useful articles

  1. 10 Usability Heuristics with Examples
  2. Comprehensive guide to product design
  3. Design Principles
  4. Laws of UX

Design Exercises

One way to keep practicing is to start doing some UX design exercises. Start with a pet project, have an idea for something, start by writing down some problems you want to solve and then start designing around those problems, share this with people.

Sign up for this weekly Product Exercise newsletter, each week you’ll get a new design exercise to do.

All the best with your journey!