Rebel Recruiters: Dev, DevOps and Data recruiters…with heart! ❤️

With a commitment to ethical values running through their culture, Rebel Recruiters are revolutionising the hiring process for fast-growing tech companies and highly skilled tech jobseekers alike.

Muslamic Makers are proud to have Rebel Recruiters as sponsors again in 2023. They will be joining us at the Muslim Tech Festival and bringing their own brand of fun and energy to the event

In this blog post, we explore their unique approach, values, and how they are reshaping talent acquisition for so many ambitious tech companies across the UK.

Who are they?

Rebel are a bunch of Software Development, DevOps and Data recruiters who partner with fast growing start-ups and scale-ups across the UK.  They’re a close-knit team based in the East Midlands, and were founded to deliver an ethical and more ‘human’ alternative to traditional recruitment practices.

Recruiters often get a bad rep, and rightly so, but Rebel are proud to swim against the tide, it’s hard-coded in their DNA…and name!

They work with a range of employers from exciting, small tech startups making their first ever hires, through to fast-growing international tech companies and sustainability-focused NGOs.

Over the years they’ve delivered talent for a diverse range of well known household names such as GoDaddy, Olio, London Stock Exchange Group and the UN, as well as dozens of smaller companies you’ve never heard of!

They’re led by Azar Hussain, a dad of 4 who has an unfortunate talent for making people cringe (much to his wife and kid’s annoyance), Yas Mahtab, another dad of 4 who loves his DIY projects and Mica Bell, who tries (in vain) to keep the other two in check!


Ethically driven business- The journey began in 2015 with a clear vision of being an ethical and people-centric alternative to the numerous transactional agencies prevailing in the industry. It’s important to them that their  work is making a positive impact in the world, no matter how small it may seem.

It’s also one of the reasons they launched a dedicated sustainability recruitment brand (Rebel Sustainability) to help the companies developing solutions to our planet’s most pressing problems.

People-Before-Profit- They have a distinct hiring philosophy that prioritises good people rather than solely focusing on high-performing individuals. Their team comprises a diverse range of individuals, including experienced professionals, fresh graduates, apprentices, as well as mothers and fathers. They believe in putting people and the greater world ahead of profit, reflecting their commitment to making a positive impact. They continue to give 1% of their gross profit to charity and striving to be an example of a high-performing company based on sound moral values.

What sets Rebel apart?/Why choose Rebel?

Employers choose to work with Rebel primarily because they are awesome at what they do.

They get results where other recruiters struggle, and their honest, consultative, no b#ll approach takes a lot of stress out of the recruitment process.

Candidates choose to work with them because they always know where they stand, and they’re treated with the respect they deserve.

People deserve to be treated better and it’s time to call time on the old salesy, pushy approach to tech recruitment.

Find out more about the amazing work and sign up for their newsletter and job alerts at rebelrecruiters.co.uk 🚀