Learn UX/UI design
in 97 days with Love Circular!

Deadline: 31st October 11pm


Are you interested in becoming a UX/UI designer? Looking for a fast and flexible route into design? We’re excited to be giving away four fully-funded scholarships with Love Circular worth £2300 each! Fully remote and part-time, so you can do it along side your full time job!

About Love circular:

Love circular’s mission is to create opportunities in the design and technology field for the underrepresented. They are actively lowering the barrier to entry for technical design courses. They go above and beyond in supporting students with extensive aftercare. After launching in 2020 they have delivered the course to over 150+ students worldwide, 50+ graduates are now in paid work. On average their students land work within 3-months of graduating from their bootcamp with an average salary of £35,000.

Learn more about Love Circular or check out their FAQs for more information:



Who can apply for the scholarship?

To be eligible to apply for the scholarship:

Application Process

Stage 1

Application form + short video or written submission

Those who are shortlisted after stage 1,  maybe asked to take part in stage 2.

Stage 2

Potential Design Task/Interview

Those shortlisted at stage 2 will be asked to interview 

Stage 3

Panel Interview with Muslamic Makers & Aziz foundation

Four successful candidates will be given full love circular scholarships.

What we ask in the application form

To make it easier for you to prepare below are the questions we ask in the application form so you can go away and work on it. 

  1. Please tell us about yourself. Who are you? What are you currently up to? Working/Studying etc?
  2. Please explain your understanding of UX/UI Design and where your passion for design began?
  3. If you were to be selected, how would give back to Muslim communities with your new skills?
  4. Have you previously taken any type of paid or unpaid courses/bootcamps for design? If yes, please list them
  5. If there is any other information, that would help us in selecting you for this course? Any links that will support your application eg portfolio work etc

Although we will prefer a video response, we recognise not everyone will be comfortable with that at this stage so you have an option to either respond via video format (within 2 minutes or write your answer to the question below when asked)

Please summarise why you believe you should be selected for this opportunity & how would it affect your life professionally and personally

Please note: We will NOT be viewing any videos with duration longer than 2 mins

You can upload your video to either dropbox, youtube, or google drive. Then copy and paste the link into the application form when asked. 


"I did the Love Circular course because I was looking to transition into UX/UI and this course stood out to me because it’s committed to levelling to playing field in tech. This is a value important to me. The course got me a job because I gained all the skills employers were looking for in a Junior UX/UI Designer. Love circular also helped me with the interview process."
Anisa Jahan Ali
Junior UX Designer - Yodel
"Having completed the Love Circular UX/UI course, I would totally recommend it to my peers and would love to see more initiatives like this for those who are like me. Tech is a sector with great potential however, it is a closed off sector to many people. By doing this course, it’s allowed me to have a network made up of individuals who like me are still learning, individuals who are professionals and working in the UX sector as well as in recruitment. This course also gave the me confidence to create a portfolio and be ready to apply for jobs in less than three months, all this for under £3k. Thankfully because I was working I was able to save the £3k, otherwise I would not have been able to do the course, due to there being no access to funding for such courses and probably would have struggled as a result. This course let’s me accomplish a lot in three months, a lot of which cannot be achieved via the university route, such as finishing a course and not having any debts and not having to pay any interest at any point"
Abidha Begum
Graduate of Love Circular

Apply Now

Questions or need adjustments for the application? Email: team@muslamicmakers.com

Deadline: 31st October 11pm