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Tech Scholarship for British Muslims

We’re extremely excited to partner with Makers for the second year to award four of our community members the opportunity to complete a software developer bootcamp worth £8,500. Yes, that means you can do it for free!

We, along with the National Zakat Foundation (NZF) who are funding this opportunity will be sharing this with our communities to help British Muslims to kick start their career in tech.

Who are Makers

Makers is an award-winning 16 week bootcamp provider who has had over 3,000 successful graduates take part in their bootcamp. It was Europe’s first coding bootcamp and has built its reputation in providing a cutting-edge curriculum with expert-led instructors that is equally well respected by employers. 

The 16 weeks course is designed to equip you with the skills you need to succeed in the tech industry.  Makers also connects students with over 300+ hiring partners and has coaches who can assist with everything involved in getting a job, from refreshing CVs and cover letters to job interview preparation.

What can I expect from the scholarship

There is a 4-week pre-course (getting to grips with software fundamentals, test driven development and object-oriented programming) followed by the 12-week Bootcamp.

The curriculum is centered around learning by doing and agile best practices, like TDD and pair programming to help set you up for the modern world of software engineering in the workplace.

Meet our scholars

Nadia was one of our Aziz Foundation Scholars and is now working in a big 4 company as a Technology Consultant.

‘‘ I cannot thank Muslamic Makers and The Aziz Foundation enough for awarding me the scholarship. I appreciate that everyone involved recognises that finances should not prevent students from reaching their potential. It means so much to be among those who can benefit from this incredible scholarship, and I look forward to the day I will be able to pass it on. Not only have they helped financially, but both have great communities encouraging a career in tech. 

As technology continues to advance, it is becoming a field of crucial significance to development in our society, and therefore it has never been more imperative for the youth in our communities to be encouraged to equip themselves with the necessary skills to break into this industry. I hope, as a Muslim, I can make valuable changes to increase the representation and inclusion of Muslims within the technology profession by empowering local communities through workshops.” Nadia, Aziz Foundation – 

Makers Scholar

To hear more about Nadia’s experience of the scholarship, click here.

Saif, was also one of our scholars who completed the course and is now looking forward to breaking into the industry:

‘ I was very fortunate to have been selected by Muslamic Makers to undertake the Makers Software Engineering bootcamp. Having completed an intensive 16 week course, I learnt to build applications using a test driven development approach, using various object oriented languages.I am now looking forward to securing a role as a Software Engineer, and feel more confident in undertaking technical exercises and interview coding challenges’’ Saif  Al Hussain, Aziz Foundation – Makers Scholar.

Become an ambassador

As part of this scholarship, you will also be an ambassador for Muslamic Makers,  NZF and Makers. We will work with you to ensure that what you do as an ambassador doesn’t take too much of your time and focuses on something you enjoy doing. You could write blog posts, create videos for our YouTube channel, create coding graphics for our Instagram, run some “Intro to …” sessions for our communities, or anything else that takes your fancy. 

How to apply

Stage 1:

The initial stage will involve filling out the Makers application form so that we can get to know you a little better. This application isn’t about your experience, we are looking for passion and eagerness to learn. 

Stage 2: 

You will receive an email from Makers inviting you to complete an online screening process of beginner coding exercises. This will include completing the Codecademy Ruby course and hitting 100 honor points on Codewars. It’s worth noting that you will have 15 days to complete these exercises.

Stage 3: 

Provided you pass the coding exercise in the time allotted then the first 20 people will go through the NZF Zakat eligibility means-tested process ( to check that you can’t afford the course). At this point, you will also be invited to interview with the Muslamic Makers panel.

Stage 4: 

If approved as eligible for this course you will then move to the technical interview stage with Makers. We will then award 4 scholarships on a rolling basis to candidates who pass the technical interview until all 4 spaces are filled.

You will need to be able to commit to the bootcamp Monday — Friday 9–5, so please only apply if this is something you can do!

Keep your eyes open! 

Our partnership with Makers and NZF will launch on 10th October and close on Sunday 16th October 2022. We have four spaces available for eager candidates who are looking to break into the tech field. Apply now!

We’ll also be sharing apprenticeship opportunities throughout the year. These opportunities allow you to earn while you learn how to code with an array of exciting companies.

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