Become a Software Developer
in 16 weeks with Makers!

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Are you interested in becoming a developer? Looking for the fast and flexible route into software engineering? We’re excited to be giving away two fully-funded scholarships to Makers worth £8000 each.

Learn to code with Makers at their full-time coding Bootcamp in London

About Makers:

Makers was Europe’s first coding bootcamp. Makers is creating a new generation of tech talent who are skilled and ready for the changing world of work. Makers believe in alternative ways to learn how to code, how to be ready for work and how to be of value to an organisation. Makers combines tech education with employment possibilities that transform lives.

As part of the Makers course you will have the freedom to build your final project in a new technology of your choice, you’ll leave the Makers course with a packed portfolio and plenty of points on Stack Overflow. Together with job support from Maker’s career coaches and connections to leading tech companies, they’ll help you find a job you love. 

Earn £30k-£35k in your first role. With Maker’s accelerated learning trajectory, you could earn up to £45k a year later.

Learn more about Makers or check out their FAQs for more information: .


Who can apply for the scholarship?

To be eligible to apply for the scholarship:

Application Process

Stage 1

Fill in the initial application form, we’re keen to learn more about you and see anything you’ve been working on. Do this as soon as possible, because if selected you will have more time for stage 2 of the application process.

Stage 2

If shortlisted after stage 1, we will send you a coding exercise which is part of Makers selection process


Stage 3

If you complete the stage 2 exercise on time, we will shortlist further and have a general interview or ask for a video to some questions. If selected, you will then be sent further preparation material to prepare you for the Makers technical test

Stage 4

Shortlisted candidates will then meet the Makers team and do a technical test

Stage 5

Candidates who pass the technical test will then be interviewed by Muslamic Makers and Aziz Foundation panel and two candidates will be awarded the scholarship


The hybrid course alternates between two weeks onsite at Makers campus in Shoreditch and two weeks learning from home. This is the perfect option if you prefer to break up your focus time with face to face interaction and want to get back to the buzz of the city. The Makers team has worked hard to create a Covid safe learning environment with sanitizer throughout the campus, socially distanced workshop spaces and weekly lateral flow testing. 

The remote course is taught fully online so you can get the same Makers experience from the comfort of your own home. This is a great option if you live outside of London, have commitments at home or simply still feel safer in an online environment. Workshops are taught live, there’s no prerecorded content and you’ll work with a dedicated coaching team who work exclusively with remote students, so there’s no need to worry that onsite students will be prioritised. 

The same curriculum is taught across both versions of the course, just delivered differently. Hybrid and Remote students will receive technical coaching, job hunting support and wellbeing and emotional intelligence training from Makers’ Chief Joy Officer.  

To be eligible to apply for the scholarship you need to be able to commit to starting the course to one of these dates below.

Cohort dates: 
Hybrid: Precourse 24 January 2022. Full time starts 21st Feb. Graduation May 13th. 
Remote: Precourse 14th Feb. Full time starts 14th March. Graduation June 3rd.
Hybrid: Precourse 7th March. Full time starts 4th April. Graduation June 24th. 
Please note due to the current pandemic, the Feb and March cohort’s deliver styles are provisonal

What We Ask In The Application Form:

To make it easier for you to prepare below are the questions we ask in the application form so you can go away and work on it.  Please keep your answer to each question under 200 words and please read the FAQs as it’s important you understand the different options Makers offers. 

1. Please tell us about yourself.  Who are you? What are you currently up to? Working/Studying etc?

2. What first interested you in coding and why would you like to become a developer?

4. What area of technology currently interests you? 

5. If you were to be selected, how would give back to Muslim communities with your new skills?

6. Have you previously taken any type of paid or free courses or used any resources for learning to code? If so, please list them 

7. Please share any links that you think will help you with your application (Codeacademy profile, github, portfolio, any projects you’re involved in)


"I did the Makers coding bootcamp back in 2015. I studied computer science at university and after graduating went into help desk support. I wanted to start a career as a developer but my degree wasn't relevant to what was needed in the technology world. So after investing £8000 in the Makers' course which was financially tight for me. The risk paid off and after 12 weeks and a few months of job hunting where makers helped find us jobs and prepare us for interviews, I secured a junior developer position in the Civil Service. Since then I've now been promoted to a developer. The Bootcamp helped start my career as a developer and it would be so great if other Muslims had an easier way to be able to access these courses as there are very expensive but worthwhile."
Mahmud Hussain
Developer at Government Digital Services
"I was always interested in tech but thought the opportunity to work in tech was gone for me since I had gotten degrees in finance and economics. The value proposition was very attractive because it promised a relatively fast path to job readiness without having to do a multiple year degree. As the course turnaround was 3 months, there was no danger of course material becoming outdated by time it ended (as is the danger with 3-4 year degrees). They also promised to help with finding graduates their first developer job. In all their promises, I found that they more than delivered. I was new to London and did not have any professional network of my own. To build a network like the one Maker’s already had would’ve taken months, if not years, of work on top of learning to code. Overall, my journey through Maker’s was life changing and the initial cost of time and money has paid itself over several times."
Zeeshan Rasool
Web Engineer at Permutive

Apply Now

Questions or need adjustments for the application? Email:

Deadline: 31st October 11pm