Amaliah.com is a female led digital media company dedicated to empowering and amplifying the voices of Muslim women.

Muslamic Maker’s journey with Amaliah began in 2016, not long after co-founder Nafisa Bakkar quit her job to work full time on her venture. We hosted an event and a live panel focused on Muslim Women in Tech. Nafisa was one of the two panellists we invited to share their startup journey.


Amaliah is a perfect example for how the Muslamic Makers network is able to bring people together and develop relationships. Through the MM network Amaliah was able to hire their first full time developer who was pivotal in re launching the website to become the media platform it is today. 

 Their journey over the past 5 years has been truly impressive. They started with a couple of founders and an idea. This is grown to a community of over 300 contributors currently reaching 4.2 million people per month. Monthly they create articles, videos, award winning podcasts, social media content, events, brand partnerships.

“Muslamic Makers was a great gateway into a network that was able to offer support and relatability. Hiring talent that is not only is technically brilliant but is also passionate about the mission of our company can be difficult and MM helped to make this a reality through its diverse network of creators.”
Nafisa Bakkar
Amaliah Co-Founder
“I was introduced to the founder of Amaliah during a Muslamic Makers event. I later joined Amaliah full time as a developer and did some of the most impactful work of my career so far."
picture of faheem
Faheem Patel