Algbra: Revolutionising Ethical Finance – Connecting Ethics & Sustainability To Your Everyday Finances

As you will have seen, we are partnering with Algbra for the Muslim Tech Fest. We’re really excited to share more about their work and highlight why they’re such a great fit for us and for this year’s tech fest. First up, we’d like to showcase the amazing talent behind Algbra and then we’ll be diving into the company and what makes them different!

Nizam Uddin OBE, Chief Strategy Officer – Algbra

Nizam Uddin is Chief Strategy Officer of Algbra and was previously the Senior Head of Mosaic and Community Integration at The Prince’s Trust, where he oversaw the organisation’s community cohesion and social integration activities and led Mosaic, an independent Initiative founded by HRH The Prince of Wales to engage diverse Muslim communities across the UK.

Nizam has a strong interest and background in overcoming the societal and economic challenges that prevent disenfranchised and minority communities from fulfilling their potential. He is a 2019 Greenberg World Fellow at Yale University, is currently Vice-Chairman of SOAS, University of London and a member of the Mayor of London’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Advisory Group.

Omer Duzyol, Chief Technology Officer – Algbra

Omer is a pioneer in FinTech engineering globally, having built 7 digital banks across the US and EMEA, including Mettle, Milli-bank, Odeabank, HSBC Turkey & Nationwide for Business. He is the former Technical Lead at 11:FS & T-Rowe Price, Chief Software Engineer at EngineF, Senior Mobile App Architect at 10x Future Technologies.

Anton Laurens, Lead Full Stack Engineer – Algbra

Anton is a tech lead at Algbra, with 15 years of experience in software engineering. Originally from South Africa, he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and later pursued a Master’s in Cybersecurity at Oxford University after moving to the UK. Anton has worked in both start up environments and at large financial institutions, including HSBC and RBS, as well as at the fintech consultancy 11:FS where he worked on building challenger bank propositions.


We are excited to introduce Algbra, our headline sponsor for our Muslim Tech Fest on the 27th of May. Algbra is a finance app that is changing the way we approach everyday financing with a strong focus on ethics, sustainability and social consciousness.

What is Algbra?
Algbra is an FCA approved money management tool with a state of the art core banking system – built from scratch – that allows users to spend, manage and grow their money.

Algbra is founded on essential ethical and ESG principles and adopts a customer-centric approach. The company is guided by a mission that is powered by people, and its leadership team combines institutional expertise with a sense of purpose and lived experience.

Key Features:
Algbra’s CarbonTracker feature allows users to review the emissions impact of every purchase they make. By providing transparency and awareness, users can make informed decisions and take steps to offset their carbon footprint, through projects carefully selected and adopted by Algbra. Algbra also supports high-quality projects worldwide, enabling users to contribute to global sustainability efforts.

1.5% Cashback: Algbra rewards users for their ethical choices by offering 1.5% cashback on all purchases when using Apple Pay and Google Pay (1% when paying with the card). This incentivises sustainable spending while providing financial benefits to users.

Direct Donations: Support your favourite charity directly through the Algbra app, with no hidden admin or processing fees.

What Makes Algbra Different?

Ethical Money Management: Algbra ensures that users’ money is never held in unethical or high-risk manners. The company adheres to strict policies concerning the industries in which they invest. Users have full visibility into where their money is held, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Transparent Financial Practices: At Algbra, transparency is paramount. Users have access to clear and comprehensive details about fees and charges associated with their accounts. This commitment to openness empowers users to make informed financial decisions.

Community Engagement: Algbra believes in the power of community and actively works on social impact initiatives. Users have the opportunity to participate in these initiatives, contributing to a greener and more inclusive society.

Social Impact Tools: Algbra’s app includes social impact tools that go beyond financial management. With features like the Carbon Footprint Tracker and offsetting tools, users can actively monitor and reduce their environmental impact.

Diverse Team and Ethical Focus: Algbra’s team is comprised of individuals who come from the communities they serve. Their diverse backgrounds and experiences ensure a comprehensive understanding of users’ needs.
They are offering free tickets to people who go through their onboarding process (totally free) and you can find out more about that here: