A monthly meetup bringing Muslim and non-Muslim makers together to discuss, pitch and share ideas

Muslamic Makers Manifesto

Muslamic Makers is a diverse community of Muslims who are making and changing things. We hold events and meetups to discuss ideas, build creative confidence and help our communities thrive. We’re creating spaces for Muslims to be not just ‘included’ but to own their work spaces and industries.

Put simply there’s poor representation across many sectors, there are barriers such as traditional upbringing, lack of opportunity, education and resource. But more importantly there are huge gaps in confidence, something we have witnessed first hand talking to Muslims who mentioned moments of feeling they don’t belong, fear of not being accepted etc… With the current narrative built around Muslims it’s not hard to understand why. But this is wrong.

1. Community Space

Our events and meetups aim to bring Muslims together to discuss, share ideas and experiences within an environment that is inclusive. Sometimes it can feel difficult being Muslim, inclusion nurtures confidence to bring more of yourself to those around you. Our events connect a community of changemakers.

2. Representing

We’re tired of Muslims being misrepresented. We’re making room for those moments where you see someone just like you who inspires you to make change. No more generalisations, we want to represent who we are.

3. Education/Upskilling/Nurturing

The world changes fast. We help to educate and upskill our community to prepare us for the future of work as well as lead the way to create change. Whether it’s coding clubs, open talks or workshops we’re invested in the upskilling of our community.

What Success Looks Like

  1. A thriving community of Muslims creating change
  2. Increased visibility of Muslims in spaces we aren’t traditionally seen
  3. Opening up opportunities
  4. Less alienation and ‘othering’ of Muslims
What we areWhat we aren't
Ambitious in making an impact in the startup spaceDoing this for money — we’re like minded people on a mission to help change things
Eager to tackle “imposter syndrome”An events business — we only hold events with purpose, not to hold up a job
A place to share, learn and create great thingsAn “uncles in suits eating biryani on a friday” kind of networking group
Passionate about the Muslim community in England and beyondA place that conflates Asian with Muslim
Taking control of our narrativesJudgmental